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Things To Do With Kids During Corona Outbreak

Things to do with kids during COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Moms,

Stuck in LIMBO?
Amid in the confusion and fear due to COVID-19 outbreak?
Living in unprecedented time?
Experiencing social distancing quarantine?
Worried about children’s ROUTINE?

Are you struggling to provide your children with enough stimulation while at home?
Let’s develop good habits in our children during this trauma in this time of quarantine!
Let’s plan some activities and fun things to do with kids during the Corona outbreak so that your frustration subsides for your children to stay productive, focused and energized so that they can positively utilize their time.

Here are some ideas and activities to consider during the quarantine.

LIMIT Their Screen Time

The most successful way of ensuring that your children get enough exercise is to RESTRICT their screen time. Limiting screen time tends to inspire children to participate in productive and other useful activities.

Discipline Timetable

Discipline timetable for your children and try to stick to it. Tell them the importance of the time table for a productive outcome and be firm.

Arts and Craft Activities

Engage them in arts and crafts activities. Make a scrapbook of their favourite things and decorate it with them. Help them in making different charts and cards and awareness posters. Give them colouring and drawing books. Assign one or two pages daily according to their level.

Try Some Chocolate Recipes

Let them watch cooking and baking cookies on youtube and try some of their favourite chocolate recipes with them. Baking with children helps boost productivity in children.

Writing Journals

Help them in writing journals of daily activities or interests. Encourage them as writing about experiences helps identify many kinds of mistakes that may have been made and also helps set future aims and goals.

Puzzles, Mazes and Legos

Engage them in some puzzles, mazes and legos. Solving puzzles and mazes helps in improving short term memory and thought process. Playing with legos makes children want to show their creations to their parents. This develops important communication skills which are achieved through strong verbalisation.

Art of Origami and Paper Mache

Teach them the art of origami and paper mache. Decorate the things in their rooms and encourage them with some rewarding system or gifts. Origami is a good way if you want to help develop hand and eye coordination and mental concentration in your kids. Children also tend to be more active when colours are involved so make sure you provide them with different coloured papers.

Memory Game

Play with them a memory game of fruits vegetable or their favourite things. It will help increase their memory and help them concentrate. It’s one of t he best fun things you can do with your kids.

Science Projects

Assign them some interesting science projects. They make students experience science in real-life rather than with just textbooks. Taking on projects encourage learning and discovery. The knowledge they’ve earned can help them solve real-life problems.


Charity brings together people who care about other people. Giving charity makes you feel good about yourself and also helps you boost your health, physically and mentally. Tell them the importance of giving charity and let them give charity to the poor and needy in nearby localities.

Watering The Plants

Taking care of plants teach us how to take care of living things. Plants are important because they leave oxygen from their leaves which help us breathe. Teach them how to water the plants.

Watching Documentary Movies

Watching documentaries is an opportunity to connect with the world and understand. They can make you more educated. Spend some of your time in watching good documentary movies with your kids and show your interest in watching with them.


Gardening protects the environment. You can grow your own plants, fruits or vegetables and have a healthy lifestyle. Engage them in gardening and how to take care of the plants. Tell them the names of plants and their herbal benefits.

Indoor Games

Playing indoor games helps you maintain your fitness. It also encourages creativity and reduces the risk of depression. Plan for them some indoor games and play with them; e.g. hide and seek, blow the bubbles, skipping rope and hula hoop etc.

Story Time

Tell them good moral stories. Discuss with them their favourite characters. Let them watch and listen to some good storybooks of their level. Audiobooks amazon. It’s a paid app, but it is free now for everyone to use due to the COVID-19 situation during the global outbreak. Let your children enjoy reading from the comfort of your homes. Be a partner in reading good fiction and non-fiction books. Encourage them to write a summary of the book after reading.

Online Educational Resources

You can spend your time learning about new things or you can try to get better at subjects you’re not good at. Online education can help save time and can also benefit you. Check good online educational websites with interactive learning activities.

DIY Projects

DIY or “Do It Yourself” projects show how creative you are. You can try to spend your creativity in trying out DIYs. Give children DIY projects. Provide them with all the required items for these projects.

Motor Skills

Give them some projects and activities that increase their motor skills.

Enrol in Online classes of Arts

Get them registered in online classes of their level. This will keep them occupied in creative and colourful work while you can relax. Be sure to supervise them though as smaller children tend to choke on small things.

Facts Sheets

Create scientific facts sheet with them of animals and other scientific facts. This will increase them in knowledge and will also keep them away from excessive screen time. Science also promotes learning capability and it is a good time to keep them busy with science as children tend to have more interest in learning while they are still growing up.

Study Together

Study together about weather and continents with older children. As questions arise in their cute minds, they also improve their critical thinking, communication skills, teamwork which is important for them as it will help them in life.

Crochet and Sewing

Teach them the art of crochet and sewing through online tutorials. By helping them learn and practice sewing, you also open the creative side of their minds. The sense of accomplishment they would feel when they sew and make simple garments and beautiful decoration pieces is what would make them want to learn more and more.

Word Challenge

Enjoy word challenge with them. This improves their reading skills and their ability to understand the situation better. This would also improve their vocabulary.

Work Out

Working out helps lose weight and reduces the risk of diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure. Exercising can help you have more energy so you can do your daily chores and not be lazy. Schedule time for the workout with them.

Domestic Chores

Teens who do chores gain important skills and responsibility which help them in the future. Doing chores also help teens feel like they’re a part of the family. Doing chores encourage kids to be good. Let them do some domestic chores with you. It will be a great help to you.

I am sure the turn out of children will be good, beneficial and very productive!!