Single Parenting Tips For Moms And Common Issues

Parenting is quite a tough, difficult job and very challenging. It becomes more difficult and challenging for single moms who are alone and struggles hard in the upbringing of their children without any support or male partner. Before discussing single parenting tips for moms, lets talk about some common issues single moms have to face. They leave no stones unturned in raising their children according to the modern day-standards without a partner or support. The number of single moms is increasing rapidly around the globe.

“Being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but a journey for the strong.” Meg Lowrey

A single mom lonely and depressed can be almost in every field of life. They are not only super moms but they are superheroes. So it’s not wrong to say “Single Moms are Super Moms.”

“Single moms: You are a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, a maid, a cook, a referee, a heroine, a provider, a defender, a protector, a true superwoman. Wear your cape proudly.” Mandy Hale

Women become single moms for the following reasons:

  • Widowed
  • Divorced
  • Break-up

Here are some common issues single moms have to face in society:

Society’s sarcastic remarks

Every mother is caring, loving and selfless but every single mom’s priorities are different. Every mother knows her responsibilities in the upbringing of a child. She works day and night for a better future of her children. Nobody knows the sacrifices and the compromises a single mom makes for her children.

People are not compassionate enough to the single mom’s sacrifices she makes in raising her children. They pass the sarcastic comments or hurting remarks to single moms instead of acknowledging their struggles and sacrifices.

Financial issues

Financial instability is one of the major issues faced by single moms. Life becomes more difficult for single moms when there is no male partner around them to support them and children financially. Sometimes they have to work at more than one place and their salary package is often less as compared to men. Childcare expenses cut the major chunk of their monthly income. Life becomes very difficult for the majority of single moms who are not financially stable. Sometimes they have to take loans to cater to the needs of their off-springs.

Single mums are the sole breadwinners for their children. Often single mothers don’t have any financial support for paying utility bills as well as educational expenses for their kids. Many single moms are unemployed and they can’t get jobs in a reputable institute or organization. In many rural areas, the majority of single moms are uneducated and they don’t even know how to earn money to cater to the needs of their children.

Balancing work and parenting 

As single moms play a role both of a father and a mother, they sacrifice and work hard to give their children the best they need. They sacrifice their sleep, rest and time for their children. They have no option except to work extra hours in more than one place to cope with their children’s education as well as other expenses.

Hence, it’s difficult for single moms to balance their professional life as well as parenting.

Emotional issues

Financial instability can lead single moms to mental imbalance and stress which can lead to severe psychological problems, losing their confidence and self-esteem. Finding no one to share their problems, the majority of single moms might have serious emotional issues.

The feeling of loneliness is a bitter reality for the majority of single moms. Shyness and keeping away from their relatives, friends and society can cause them many emotional issues and they can be prone to an inferiority complex. They take stress when they fear the future of their kids is at risk.

Health Issues

Single moms might have serious health issues due to insufficient sleep, poor diet, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes and, stomach issues etc. They feel hurt and sick physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s important that they know how to cope with depression.

Keeping themselves inside the four walls and avoiding people make them sick and the majority of low-income single moms don’t have emergency help when they or their children suddenly need any emergency help.

Some Helpful Single Parenting Tips For Single Moms:

Single moms, YOU should know your potential; discover your inner strengths, capabilities skills etc. Provide security, strength, and support to your children.

Manage Your Financial Instability

Taking loans from friends or relatives can distort your confidence, dignity, and self-esteem. Try to manage your expenses. Subtract extra and unnecessary expenditures. Save for future emergencies and children education so that you don’t need any financial help from anyone.

Forget the past and focus on the productivity

Crying over the problems, keeping yourselves inside the four walls and ignoring people is not the solution to the problems. If you cry, how you can tackle those unfavorable situations? You should face the challenges of life with confidence and courage. The help of the creator will come who hears your every cry and knows your problems. He will help you and makes a way to take you out of the problems and alleviate your suffering. Make lots of prayers. Don’t despair the mercy of Almighty and never underestimate the power of prayers. He has planned the best for you.

Try to stay away from toxic people, ignore their negativity or negative remarks and remove the unnecessary things from your life, let it go and move on.

Provide yourself with an active lifestyle 

Working out at home or the gym reduces tension and stress. You should share your problems with someone whom you can trust. Seek professional advice. Don’t let your confidence level and self-esteem deteriorate.

Support Programs for Single Moms

A backup for a single mom lonely and depressed is very necessary so that they can survive to maintain their lifestyle without any help from relatives, friends and society who can distort their image, hurt their feelings and make her life miserable by giving reminders of their favors.

 How Can We Help Single Mothers To Alleviate Their Problems?

  • Need to teach single mothers to earn from homes. It can save time, struggle, and fuel charges.
  • To help low-income single moms in managing their monthly budget
  • Childcare foundation or Single Mother Organizations should be established to support the single moms in raising their children.
  • Charity programs or donations for single moms should be started in every community of a city or in their area to manage their budget.
  • Free education should be provided for low-income single moms lonely and depressed.
  • Free treatment should be provided in nearby hospitals or clinics to single mom.
  • Social Welfare Organizations should be provided financial assistance or debt help for single mothers.





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