A Guide On How To Find Your Self-Worth And How To Build It

Self-worth is an inner state of being that comes from self-understanding, self-love, and self-acceptance. It’s a condition that’s a little constant and changeless as it’s a direct reflection of how you regard yourself and look at yourself beyond what others may say or do.

It also means what a person thinks about himself, that he is aware of his strengths, abilities, potential and weaknesses, etc.

Let’s figure out and understand what is self-worth?

Here are some tips for single moms regarding their self-worth:

A single mom must test her self-worth and confidence by posing herself with these inquiries.

Does she like herself and she is confident enough to face every hardship and difficulties of life? Is she satisfied with her way of life? Does she have the strength and is she capable enough? Does she accomplish her commitments and meet deadlines? Does she welcome and appreciate every member of her team and is she cooperative enough? Does she keep herself up to date and keep herself abreast of the latest findings? Did she make any accomplishments in her life?

The more clearly a single mom is about her self-worth, the better she will work on her kids’ self-worth. 


The hostile reaction of society influences our self-worth. For instance, they remind us frequently that we can do anything. Our self-worth increases when people acknowledge us. When people mock us, our self-worth most likely reduces.

Things to work on increasing your self-worth:

I should

  • Show patience. 
  • Be thankful and appreciative in all situations.
  • Be firm instead of being rude or consider me superior. 
  • Avoid conflicts because when I’m in an objection, that can challenge.

What will be the effects on a mother is around negative people?

  • The mother’s confidence will become low. 
  • It is very difficult for such an individual to say “No”. 
  • She will always upset when people talk negatively about her. 
  • She will start avoiding the people and detest the circumstances. 
  • She will lose the ability to cope with peer pressure.

What will be the benefits of a mother not having a poor mindset?

  • She will be very firm and confident.
  • She will respond to everything.
  • She will find solutions to the problems and will handle the things. 

 A low self-worth child

When the mother bashes a child too much for not staying put and not getting good grades, the child will feel low. His self-worth will affect badly. He will start avoiding people around him and will resent. 

  • He cannot deal with peer pressure – he will irritate and will not have a winning disposition towards everything. 
  • His self-discipline and self-control will gradually deteriorate. 
  • His creativity level will reduce and cannot come up with his class level. 
  • His will power will reduce, and he cannot handle the pressure.
  • He will start feeling miserable and unlucky.

Points for self-worth

 Let’s figure out how a mother can build her own and her child’s confidence and self-worth!

We are in a good mood, but suddenly someone reduces our confidence and self-worth. For instance, the husband of a wife, teacher or mother for a maid – by saying that you are not doing a good job or your work is not up to the level.

Merits/Advantages of self-worth?

  • It makes a single mom firm and confident, yet not arrogant.
  • It makes her grateful for what she has.
  • She knows her responsibilities and works very well.
  • Single moms adopt a proactive approach to life and learn how to manage disappointments. 

A person’s self-worth varies according to the circumstances.


A mother’s confidence level at her workplace is high, but she is not a wonderful homemaker. She thinks of herself as not an exemplary mother who can’t bring up her children to raise them appropriately. She should be confident at home too!

Let us look at the ways how a single mother can increase her self-worth?


Developing the mindset that my creator has chosen something for me, which means He has given me the ability to deal with it.


  • Expectations are realistic and unrealistic.
  • We can meet realistic expectations, where unrealistic ones can not.

What are realistic expectations?

“I can do this much, but not more than that”. This is an unrealistic expectation. For instance:

  • If someone expects something from you, think what challenges you might have in doing so. For example, what stress would it exert on you? What can be the issues of the surrounding people? If you feel this would be helpful for others, you would perform the task with ease. But if you are sure that you can not do it, you must inform me about your limitations.
  • If someone has undue expectations from you, tell them you cannot do it.
  • We set undue expectations for children. For example, he must be perfect in all the fields, should forget nothing, lack nothing, never fight, spoil nothing. (But how can this be possible?)


What is the right thing that I should also do?

All the skills you have for example communication, emotional intelligence, anger management, apply all these. You will notice yourself-worth increasing by this. 

 What will be the advantage?

The mother will be clear that these things are in my control. Otherwise, negativity will create resulting in mismanagement and low self-esteem. For example, I can not do this and I have no way out.


When the mother is blaming herself and others, the child is learning the same from her. For example,

Does the child have difficulties in answering a question or figuring out how much time should he allocate for a question? 

When the child cannot come down to a decision, what does he do? He blames other factors. For example, the exam was difficult, questions were out of the course, etc.

How can self-worth resolve?

Be grateful when others criticize make up stories or say bad things about you. You have something they don’t have. Trust your instincts and keep a distance from those who don’t listen to you, no matter how much you advise them. Do something productive to strengthen yourself and no matter how small the task is, do it. You will feel the change. Stay conscious of all your behaviours. Don’t let things get out of hand. Keep the outcome in mind.

Learn how to reorganize your life as you go along with it.

Always enjoy living and remember to sleep better. 

Keep balance in social media platforms. You can’t always benefit from social networking.  Your self-value is no decided by others and should not influence by that. Stay away from the negative people who make you upset on social occasions.

Start concentrated on the real purpose of life.

Learn to be respectful, honest, compassionate. Lower your demands and do not be materialistic.

Try to satisfy to lead a peaceful life, learn from your mistakes and allow you to take care of things. Avoid relating your life with others. In life, everybody has a different court, so in every case, we need to understand.

Never criticize those who are having a good time. Know that both of us undergo tough times. 

Don’t let people interfere with what’s going on in your life and don’t fear being judged. It could upset you, gloomy or even dispersed. Yet start every day with a fresh sense of hope, a determination to fight on rather than give up.

When people are judgmental towards you, they will try to show they are right. Don’t waste time trying to transform it. Simply be unique. Be conscious of the people who are just interfering in your matters and making you feel miserable and insignificant. Be among those who care for you and love you.

Avoid pleasing people, they’ll never change no matter how much you try. Reflect on the blessings you have instead of worrying over what you don’t have. Be proactive in every case. Failure is not long-lasting. Let go of it and move on.

You are unique, no matter what your appearance, colour, name and position in society is, when you do an act for the good of the people and your intentions are good, you are in the right place. Build confidence in your kids. Recognize the importance of your children and yourself. Instruct the child to keep good people in the company. Delegate the children’s responsibilities according to his/her skills and potential.


Taking Care Of Yourself Positively And Happily





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  1. High expectations could really affect our self – worth as we can’t always meet them. Being realistic, appreciating what we have, and being proud of what we accomplish (especially single moms) are very good ways of improving our self-worth.

  2. Since I have always believed that children learn the most from the people they are around, I love this! It goes to show that when the mother builds her self-worth, her family comes out stronger too.

  3. So important that us mother’s have the self confidence, value and worth especially when raising children. Thank you for explaining how we can not only build it, but the effects on how high and/or can have on our children.

  4. This post is so important to not just single mom but to every single person. I hope this post gets around so everyone can learn from it. Contentment, setting realistic goals, kindness, self worth are really important. Thank you for sharing this

  5. I loved this post! I especially liked the parts on building our kids’s self-confidence. It starts with me, then I build my kids, and then they can be the people they are meant to be. Thank you for sharing!

  6. You have solid, simple advice in here. I love how you intertwine how these choices are positive or negative both for the mothers, but also for the children.

  7. I love your recommendations to show patience, be thankful and appreciative in all situations, and be firm instead of being rude or considering oneself superior. These three things have been vital in rebuilding my self-confidence as a young adult, and can be applied in anyone’s life.

  8. Such good points. Finding self worth as a parent helps in so many ways. Society beats us down but we have to rise above and feel important.

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