How to deal with a depressed and lonely person?

Depression can be a lot harder to deal with if a person is dealing with sadness for excessive periods, depending upon the severity of the circumstances that led to sadness and grief in the first place. Even though sadness can go away and resolve over time, it can persist and can cause a person to lose interest and energy in activities which they used to enjoy. So read through this article to know how to deal with a depressed person.

Recovering from depression can seem exhausting as sometimes, solutions to a problem can feel like an impossible thing to do as sadness causes diminished drive and interest. Taking the first step is usually the hardest part of the activity, especially for a person who is depressed.

Get all the support you can.

Sometimes the solution to all your problems is just a call away. Try calling your loved ones, which you know will listen to you and may have helped you at other times of hardships. This is important for single moms who have to raise their children alone since they need all the support and comfort they can get.

It’s not important that the person you talk to fix all your problems. Instead, they should be good listeners. If you feel like, you do not have anyone to turn to, try making new friends and meet new people. Making good friends is linked to longevity.

If you feel you’re too shy, look at the positive side, sometimes talking to your loved ones can feel refreshing enough that taking second steps to overcome depression becomes much easier. 

It’s all about taking the first steps and progressing to the next big steps, right?

Make yourself feel good by doing things you enjoy and make you happy.

It’s obvious, but it’s more challenging as you may feel the steps that are essential to make you feel better may seem exhausting to do. Pick up something you like and make it your hobby. Try going out and gaze at nature. Take a sketchbook along with some coloured pencils and try recreating a landscape or a scene at your local park. Give yourself some air. Visit the mountains or a museum.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When you want to deal with a depressed person, it is always recommended to go out for a morning walk as it boosts your metabolism, burns calories, and keeps your blood flowing. Keep your sleep patterns in check. Studies show that people who sleep early and wake early in the morning are happier than people who have bad sleep hygiene.

Remove negative thoughts.

You may think that your situation can’t be improved or that you are worthless and weak, but that’s only an effect of depression. It can be difficult to think positive as not only does depression make you feel bad but also makes you have unpleasant thoughts. When you want to deal with a depressed person, make sure they read books and spend time elsewhere rather than wasting time on negative thoughts.  

Once you get rid of the bad stuff from your mind, you will automatically feel happier and refreshed.

Always keep moving as depression will not always make you want to move out of bed.

Getting up from your couch or bed can unsettle for you, but exercising will have the same effect as medication for fighting depression. 

Make a habit of maintaining 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per day, making your way up to an hour per day. 

Exercise right now, as it is something you can do anytime.

It will make you feel more alive and remove unwanted fatigue. Try doing more rhythmic and continuous exercises. Focus on how your body feels when you walk or when a cool breeze touches your skin. Be mindful of your body and surroundings, as it will help you get rid of negative thoughts. Find an exercise partner as it will keep you motivated and keep you socialized while also help you spend your time on something useful.

Eating healthy will improve your mood.

Your cravings for sweets increase when you have depression, and these are your worst enemy. Cut sweets and carbs and look for foods that are rich in vitamin B-12 and folic acid and also zinc as people who are deficient in them are more prone to long-term depression. Citrus fruits, eggs, chicken and green vegetables are excellent sources of B vitamins. 

Look for foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids as these fight bad mood and stabilize mood. Also, never skip meals as it will make you tired and irritable. Tuna, salmon, walnuts and specially roasted soybeans are quite rich in omega-3 fats.

Create a list of things that make you happy, especially when you are feeling down.

Then try them when you are having a rough time. 

The list will only be true for you and may or may not work for others, so think and consider care of the things that make your mood be at the best.

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  1. These are good ideas. One other thing I would add is that you should also look for opportunities to help out and do good to and for others. This helps you to bring some cheer to someone else and also helps you to see that you are not alone.

  2. Having to be a support for a depressed person can literally be as hard as being depressed yourself. This is a great article, with some pretty awesome ideas on how to be both supportive and joyful.

  3. This is such a great and useful article. Everyone should be aware of what to do if they are going through this and need to fight it or if they know someone who is currently going through it. This post will definitely help a lot of people 🙂

  4. Writing a simple list of things to be grateful for is a wonderful way to see how much you have. I find thinking of positive things helps me find something to smile about, so relive and create precious memories!

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