Easy and Smart Ways to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

New Year Resolution | 10 Easy and Smart Ways to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle in 2021

How to adopt a HEALTHY lifestyle?

Are you fed up with strict, painful, and emotionally stressful lifestyles to maintain good health? 

You are not ALONE in this boat!

I had been facing the same problem a few months back. I was very conscious of my health. I was like, Oh, God; I am gaining weight. I have again taken a heavy meal. How to should I lose those extra calories? Why is my tummy coming out? Although I am following a diet plan properly and exercising well, I’m still not putting off weight, and so on. I am sure you’re laughing and thinking it is me.

I have contemplated a lot. I put off all my crazy diet plans and made a New Year Resolution to welcome 2021 with POSITIVE vibes. I assure you you will be thankful to me in the end. Let us share ten easy and smart ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle in 2021.

1. Proper Hygiene:

All doctors and health care workers say the same thing that you can be healthy by maintaining and practising proper hygiene in your life. It is not an arduous task to do. Remind what your parents used to stop you from doing in childhood. Make a list of all activities that you think will lead towards a healthier life:

  • Washing hands with soap regularly or use a hand sanitizer
  • Take a bath daily
  • Brush your teeth in the morning and before bedtime
  • Every week, cut your nails and remove dirt because germs cultivate here.
healthy lifestyle

proper hygiene

2. Eating organic food to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

To get all nutrients, make a habit of eating organic food. They include natural items like fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. Try to avoid processed food totally or gradually replace them with organic ones so that you remain healthy. Dairy, fruits, grains (bread, rice, cereal), legumes, and starchy vegetables are a rich source of carbohydrates. Similarly, you can get proteins by consuming seafood, meat, poultry, and eggs whereas, essential fat from fatty fish, nuts, cheese, and dark chocolate. You should also add vitamin-rich foods to your diet to improve body functions.

healthy lifestyle

Eating Organic Food

3. Exercising:

There is no hard and fast rule for exercising. Just stick to a routine of warming up your body at least for 30 minutes a day. You can run a marathon race with your friends, go for a walk with your family, or play an outdoor game like football, cricket, hockey, or tennis with your children. Research has proved that exercise keeps you healthy both physically and mentally. Your body releases endorphins (Happiness Hormones) while exercising. That will ultimately relieve your stress and improve your mood. Walking barefoot on the grass does the same for you. It makes you feel relaxed.

healthy lifestyle


4. Be Optimistic:

This world is full of worries and negativities. Train your mind to think positively. Everything has a positive and a negative aspect, though we usually pick the opposite side. A positive attitude not only to multiply the chances of your success and survival rate but also keeps you healthy. So be optimistic and send positive vibes everywhere.

healthy lifestyle

Be optimistic

5. Arrange a trip:

Make a habit of visiting nearby green fields or serene places. Natural greenery has a good impact on your health. It improves your sight, lowers blood pressure, and keeps you mentally fit. The blood circulation in our body increases because of a better intake of fresh oxygen. Going on a vacation or a little jog gives us a chance to explore mother nature. It helps us spend time with beautiful flowers and listen to the soothing musical rhythmic chirps of birds.

healthy lifestyle

Arrange a Trip

6. Sleeping Patterns:

I did a bit of research and found that variations in our sleeping patterns affect our general health. People who sleep on time live longer than those with irregular sleep schedules. If you’re not sleeping on time, your biological clock gets disturbed that will ultimately affect your overall health. Your gut has a direct link with your sleep. So always take a proper 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily.

healthy lifestyle

Sleeping Patterns

7. Drink More Water:

Our body mostly contains water. We can live without food for many days, but can not survive two days without water. It is a sign of life. Not only does it keep us hydrated but also helps detoxify our body from harmful substances. It keeps our skin fresh and helps in metabolism. People who are conscious of their beauty should drink more water for glowing skin. Eight glasses of water a day is a must for a person to get rid of toxicants. If you are in a habit of drinking less water, set reminders on your smartphones. Do not put your life at risk. For more tips, see 10 Must-Know Hydration Tips.

healthy lifestyle

Drink more water

 8. Decrease Intake of Sugar and Salt:

You must have heard many times that excess of everything is bad. Although sugar and salt both enhance the taste in our food, their excessiveness in our diet can hamper a healthy life for us. More sugar intake causes serious illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and fatty liver diseases. Similarly, an increased amount of salt in the diet is the major cause of high blood pressure, kidney failure, heart diseases like osteoporosis. We should instantly decrease the intake of both necessary elements in our diet. Try to find alternative sources for them. For example, you can replace refined sugar with honey or fruits.

healthy lifestyle

Decrease the Intake of Sugar and Salt

9. Take less stress and smile more:

Keep your tensions and worries aside. Cherish every moment with full zest. Problems can’t be solved by stressing. It ruins your health as it releases many hormones in response to stress, which is not healthy for the human body. Let your smile change things. It is scientifically proven that a person’s lifespan might be increased by smiling and laughing more often. Watch your favourite drama or play with your kids! You may as well try out a new book.

healthy lifestyle

Less Stress and Smile more

10. Overcome your bad habits:

Everyone has addicted to at least one unpleasant habit like smoking, overeating, taking more tea, or drinking wine. Let us resolve with a determined look. We will get rid of our bad habits and will slowly replace them with good ones. Make a habit of eating on a small plate. In this way, you can satisfy your hunger as your mind thinks you are having a full plate. Instead of drinking wine or processed juice, take more water or start taking green tea. Try lemongrass. It tastes good specifically, with just a small quantity of sugar, and has a highly beneficial effect on our health.

healthy lifestyle

Overcome your bad habits

We are the CEO of our life. It is our choice either to destroy our life with unhealthy activities or reconstruct it with small and healthy changes with minimal effort. 

Let’s welcome this New Year with these ten easy and smart changes in our lives for a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget to share other healthy lifestyle tips with me in the comments. Let’s interact with each other!


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