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Children On Social Media: How To Teach Your Child Its Use

Children On Social Media And How To Teach Your Child Its Use

In this era, everyone, including children uses social media, according to their needs. Do they need to know how one can make the correct use of it, or how much it should be used?

Social networking is a phrase used by people for online sites to communicate and to connect with others, exchange media content, and create social networks, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, YouTube, Zoom, and Snapchat are some of the most common channels.

Gaming chat rooms are also common places for kids and teens to communicate with those who share gaming interests.

We will try to identify the pros and cons of children on social media.

Why children use social media and its reasons

If in your family the use of social media is common, the children would naturally start imitating their elders and use social media more than necessary.

Using social networking involves posting information and distributing it. This covers:

  • Creating profiles online
  • Writing comments or simply chatting
  • Sharing links
  • Uploading photos and videos
  • Remixing or altering and then sharing existing content
  • Advertising is done on social media platforms and several blogs and channels are created for news. People use social media to keep themselves aware of the latest news about health and fashion trends

Limit your online time on social media in the presence of the kids

Parents and teachers should make less use of social media in the presence of their kids. They should put their mobile on silent mode in front of the children. They should attend only the important calls and reply only the important messages.

Social media does not bring any good change in the behaviours of the children. Instead, they become addicted to it and then want to use it more. It creates excitement in them when they get comments, likes, shares and ultimately followers. If they don’t get online attention, they get depressed. Seeing how their friends have more followers, likes or comments, they ultimately start developing jealousy towards them and start hating them.

Social media causes an increase in thrill or excitement e.g. how many likes or hits did we get. They like their online presence and want their appreciation through it. But it has its merits and demerits.

Merits of social media

  • It saves our precious time by contacting others easily. We can use social media to make face to face interactions. 
  • It helps us to stay in touch with others.
  • Composing message and sending it is less time-consuming.
  • We can promote our productive activities through it.
  • We can increase our learning and promote business online easily.
  • Social media can be used for having fun, making and sustaining friendships, developing personalities and establishing distant family connections.
  • We can connect online global communities through social media networks.

Using social media can give children many other merits.

One of the most important use is education through online sources. Learning and playing on social media will help your child gain awareness of many things and also many skills. There can be collaborative learning where a child may share educational content via social media, either informally or in formal school settings. A child can also be creative with profile pages, pictures and videos.

Connecting with extended family and friends and participating in online local and global communities can give a sense of connection and belong to your child while also teaching your child the right use of social media

It is our responsibility to teach a child about the right use of social media so that he or she can use it most productively. A child should be taught how to participate and engage in healthy activities and whom to make good friends through social media. Tell them about good informative websites and pages on social media.

Teachers can also help their students by giving them some projects and sharing information about their subjects for more understanding and help grasp concepts.

Demerits of social media

The problems that occur with the use of social media are numerous:

Distribution of objectionable or offensive content, such as rude, abusive, vulgar ads or inappropriate comments or obscene photos. Posting unsuitable content, such as humiliating or suggestive images or videos of himself or others.

Children upload their pictures, sharing personal contact details like identity, interests, locations, their favourite places, their favourite restaurants and resorts with anonymous people. Thus they lose their privacy, increase their security issues.

Social media is a source of damage to them. A child starts to take an interest in it. They message on Facebook while they study resulting in lack of interest in studies and their performance becomes poor. It affects their communication too skills as they use abbreviations and slang language. They keep using their mobile phones while mealtimes and during travelling.

 Let’s find some tips and solutions for it

Know the dangers of using social media – for instance, dangers such as being tagged in an awkward picture taken at a party.

Support your child by talking to them about the bad effects of social media. It will reduce their will to use social media. Keep an eye on children so you know which type of pictures and videos they are uploading. Teach them that too much use of this can affect their health badly.

Set limits and rules for them when they use their phones and guide them about it. We must know that social media is a very powerful tool.

A mother and teacher should first need to be well aware of the latest tools and technologies and learn good use of it. They should focus on which information can be shared and which not.

Stop sharing useless and idle things. Try to keep balance and never forward every message and information. Share only the helpful tips that would benefit children. They should be connected on media to gain knowledge and learn about the good things.

Precautions to be taken by children before sharing anything on social media

  • Parents should be vigilant. Don’t let them forward any useless information or photos.
  • Set privacy settings for things that do not need to be shared. Do not make friends with strangers.
  • Do not let them upload their pictures on social media
  • Teach them how to write a blog so that they can be productive.
  • Teach and guide them to learn from experts.
  • Guide them rightfully regarding social media.
  • Give a child enough confidence for him to not hide matters from you.

Many productive things can be performed through social media, e.g, social charity works. Teachers and mothers should be aware of the problems faced by young ones on social media so that they may guide accordingly. The mothers and teachers should teach children and students to judge social media themselves.