Best Places to Dine in Lahore In 2021

9 Best Places to Dine in Lahore In 2021

Are you a food lover and crazy to taste the variety of popular regional dishes? Then you are in the right place. 

Today, I will introduce you to the best places to dine in Lahore (Paradise of the Foodies).

The City of Gardens, Lahore, possesses a rich cultural heritage, lively ambience and mouth-watering eateries and cuisines. You can not only visit the spectacular historical avenues like Wazir Khan Mosque, Badshahi Mosque, Shalimar Gardens, Minar-e-Pakistan, etc. but also enjoy the tasty and juicy local Pakistani flavours and other international dishes as well.

Another big news for you is that the New York Times has picked Lahore as one of the must-visit places of the year in 2021The article includes 51 other dream destinations for travelling. I know you are now thinking of visiting this beautiful city even more serious.

Let’s move towards the best places to dine in Lahore.:

1. Monal Lahore:

Monal Restaurant Lahore is in the heart of the Gulberg shopping area. If you want to dine outside and enjoy a lovely meal, Monal is the best place for you. Here you can overlook the lights of the walled city of Lahore from the rooftop with your family and friends. It provides you with a pleasant atmosphere, along with excellent food and service. Monal is a perfect family restaurant as it has an extraordinary play place for children so that you can enjoy your meal with music playing in your background.

2. Qabail Tribes:

It is one of the best Afghani cuisines in Lahore and provides you with the traditional tasty Pashtun food with a remarkable ambience. While entering the Qabail, you will view a colourful popular, Pashtun touch in the restaurant building. It is a comfortable place for families to enjoy desi dishes in a vibrant environment. Although this is costly, the food quality is superb. You will not regret visiting Qabail.

3. Haveli Restaurant:

If you want to view the Badshahi Mosque and surrounding areas from the roof-top of Haveli, then Haveli is the best option for you. It is a family cuisine and provides you with the Desi, Pakistani taste. Their professional and amiable staff ensures the best possible services along with savoury food items. The hygienic and peaceful environment will the best complemented with the view of the ancient Badshahi Mosque. Above all, its taste is just average.

4. Cocoo’s Den Restaurant:

It is one of the top restaurants nearby Badshahi Mosque. It serves you barbecue, Pakistani and Asian dishes. It has an outside sitting arrangement for the customers. Foodies have reviewed this as an amazing cultural and historical place of old Lahore.

Do not forget to dine here so that you can view the mesmerizing scene of dusk falling rapidly and imagine how Lahore look like in the Mughal’s era? CoCoo’s Den also introduces you to the unique experience of eating superb food and watching the majestic Mosque and pouring all the peace inside your soul. The services and the food taste is very good, but it is expensive.

5. Yum Chinese and Thai Cuisine:

If you want to change the taste, Yum Cuisine will be a good option for you. It has a wide variety of Halal Chinese, Thai and Asian dishes available. Usually, the house is full every time, and you will see people waiting for a vacant table. Reserve the table, otherwise you must be ready for a long wait. Their services are top-notch and food items are delicious.

6. Spice Bazaar:

First thing first, it is a Pakistani restaurant that provides a variety of spicy dishes, as suggested by its name. It is the best representation of Punjabi culture with diversified flavours from the entire country. It also serves sweet dishes under the name “Chashni”.

7. Butt Karahi:

This restaurant is famous for its yummy Karahi. Their Karahi is a perfect blend of thick spicy gravy, tender meat, and beautiful garnishing with ginger, coriander, and green chilli, and it will increase your appetite. Although it has many branches in various cities of Pakistan. It serves the best quality Karahi in Lakshmi Chowk Lahore.

Nowadays, Butt Karahi is also serving other food items like continental dishes, sweet dishes, and fast food.

8. Arcadian Café Package Mall:

It is one of the best cuisines of Italian food. Customers have reviewed that the services are good, and the staff is professional. You can enjoy a variety of different food items from different cultures under one roof.

9. Andaaz Restaurant:

If you want to make your journey to Lahore memorable, Andaaz is the must-visit cuisine option. Here you can enjoy tasty curry while sitting nearby Badshahi Mosque. Here at the entrance, you can visit a small museum of antique sorts the owner collects that. It provides top-notch services to its customers, along with an ambient environment and mouth-watering food at reasonable prices.

It ranked No.1 restaurant in Lahore for 6 years (2014-2019) by Trip Advisor.

Do not forget to visit this cuisine.

Although, these are just some eateries and cuisines from the diversified food culture of Lahore. Whenever you feel exhausted while exploring the historical heritage of the city of walls and dying of hunger, do not forget to taste the different flavours of this hospitable city.

These are some of my favourite ones. Let me know about your favourite places to dine in.

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